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This is a 1-day training program for software engineers and software architects.

You will learn the SOLID design principles of software architecture. This is a hands-on training program with code writing exercise to illustrate each concepts. This is not a Power Power slide show driven speech.

Although we will use C# to demonstrate the principles, the concepts explained in this training can be applied to any object oriented programming language.

You will learn the following SOLID software design principles in this training. You will not only gain a firm conceptual understanding of them but will be shown how to apply them in code.

    Single Responsibility principle
    Open closed principle
    Liskov substitution
    Interface segregation
    Dependency Inversion


Sathyaish Chakravarthy,,
+91 987 161 7938


Hotel Orange Pie,
A-1, Sector 66, Noida
+91 120 248 4063


Hotel Orange Pie
A-1, Sector-66
Noida, Uttar Pradesh